We are proud to present the 2nd annual Nick Gaspar Award to Chris Drake!

Last year was the inaugural induction of the Nick Gaspar Award.
As a continued tribute in his name, this award is presented to a
varsity senior who consistently displays actions and spirit like
Nick. Nick was inspiration to our lacrosse program and to those
around him.

Over his 2-year battle with cancer, Nick was a leader who
maintained his inspirational outlook and continuously motivated
his family, friends, and teammates with his never give up attitude.
The intent of his award to spotlight an individual who displays
similar traits and characteristics to Nick including:

Humility, courage, determination, resiliency, perseverance, and inspiration.

The award receipt for this year continuously showed leadership
on and off the field throughout the entire season, solid
sportsmanship in every aspect of his game and genuine hard
work by constantly motivating others to be the best that they can

This year, we are pleased to announce in partnership with the
Gaspar Family and The Nick Gaspar Foundation that this award
is expanded to include a scholarship to a senior continuing their

Please give a BIG round of applause to this year’s award
recipient, Chris Drake!

2022 Winner: Anthony Socci